Art & Ciocc, the chocolate maker tour in piazza del Popolo

Ravenna - Until 03 Nov 2019
from 9 to 21 hours continued
Art & Ciocc, the chocolate maker tour in piazza del Popolo Fairs&Shopping


Piazza del Popolo - Ravenna


The Chocolate & Art Tour of ART & CIOCC® returns to Ravenna, the nationally renowned tour of the most important artisan chocolate masters, which will flood piazza del Popolo with sweetness, with lots of chocolate stands of all tastes and shapes.

In the square you can taste the most delicious regional specialties together with small and large objects and chocolate sculptures: unique works of art, a real feast for the eyes and the palate without ever neglecting health and well-being.
{ } In all the stages of the tour particular attention is paid to the different needs and food choices, so you can find chocolate and desserts without gluten, organic, vegan, sugar-free and the prized raw chocolate with recognized anti-aging properties.

Given the success of the past editions there is no lack of Chocolate Lessons in the square! An expert master chocolatier will offer delicious lessons to adults and children, with stories, games, experiments and tastings.

Cu will be the great classics that distinguish the Chocolate & Art Tour of ART & CIOCC®: the delicious pralines of over 42 flavors, the bars, the chocolates, the cremini, the chocolate liqueurs, the spreadable creams of every taste, the infinite combinations of truffles, crunchy greedy and the very special beer chocolates.

Each master chocolatier specializes in chocolate items (shoes, handbags, hearts, tools, mobile phones and objects made specifically for party gifts) or in specific regional productions, such as Sicilian cannoli, Modica chocolate or from Perugia.

Piedmont, Lombardy, Veneto, Emilia Romagna, Tuscany, Umbria, Calabria and Sicily are the birth regions of the master chocolatiers of the ART & CIOCC® tour.

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The event, organized by Mark. Co. & Co. is promoted by Confcommercio Ravenna.
Free admission.