From 20 June we return to Mirabilandia

Savio - Until 02 Nov 2020
Timetable 10-22
From 20 June we return to Mirabilandia Food&FestivalKids


Mirabilandia - SS16, km 162 - Savio


Show programming has been completely renewed, with a brand new schedule.

The magic of the musical "The Wizard of Oz" arrives at the Pepsi Theater (with appropriately spaced seats), with a unique setting to experience the fantasy of the Emerald City, in the company of Dorothy and his red shoes, a lion without courage, a tin man without a heart and a scarecrow without a brain.

The appointment with the most acclaimed stunt show in Europe, "Hot Wheels City: the new challenge", which has always "electrified" visitors, is inevitable. To cheer the guests in Piazza della Fama there will also be the shows "Hook Rock", to be overwhelmed by the rock wave of the famous pirate and his friends, and "The Wild West Show" with Far West atmosphere where two thieves will be exposed by saloon dancers.

The Guinness adrenaline rush of Katun, the longest inverted coaster in Europe, iSpeed, the highest and fastest launch coaster in Italy, and Divertical, the highest water coaster in the world will not be missing. Engines running in the Ducati World area which, with its 35,000 m2, makes attractions available to the whole family to let them experience the thrill of driving a two-wheeler.

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