Ravenna Festival, Autumn / Norma Trilogy

Ravenna - 05 Nov 2019
Ravenna Festival, Autumn / Norma Trilogy Music


Teatro Alighieri - via Mariani, 2 - Ravenna
Tel. (+39) 0544 249244


Like the moon - which now shines white on the notes of Casta Diva, it is now tinged with red in the call to arms - so Norma changes, from the whiteness of the priestly garments to the pitch black of the secret of two children hidden in a cave, to the darkness of more violent than temptations: after a debut greeted by the enthusiasm of the public, Norma's new production returns to the Alighieri Theater to open the second of the three triptychs that make up this Autumn Trilogy.

Leading and inspiring the creative team directed by Cristina Mazzavillani Muti, able to suspend the drama in a dimension that oscillates between the concreteness of nature and the dimension of myth, while Alessandro Benigni directs the orchestra musicians Juvenile "Luigi Cherubini".

The path "from belcanto to the dawn of Verismo" which concludes the XXX edition of Ravenna Festival continues on Wednesday 6 November with Aida, to arrive again at Carmen on Thursday 7.

The Korean soprano Vittoria Yeo - already applauded Lady Macbeth since the debut of the production in the Trilogy 2013 - is Norma, daughter of the head of the Druids and priestess who violated the vows for the love of a Roman.

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