In Salina by boat

Cervia - Until 01 Nov 2020
Saturday 4pm; Sundays and holidays at 10.30 and 16.
From 10 June to 8 September every day at 17.
In Salina by boat Sport&Nature


Centro visite Saline - Via Bova, 61 - Cervia
Tel. (+39) 0544 973040


Climb aboard an electric boat together to discover and better observe the different species that live in Salina. You walk along the path, moving silently with the boat and then passing unnoticed next to the birds that populate this area.

A short walk takes you further to the pools, allowing you to admire its inhabitants, and often expanses of pink flamingos. In summer you can reach the salt basins and walk barefoot on the salt.

1. Always wear the mask
2. You can enter if your temperature is below 37.5 ° C
3. Always keep 1 meter away from other people and do not create gatherings
4. Sanitize or wash your hands before entering
5. Follow the recommended tour route
6. We recommend that you pay using the electronic systems available if possible

redazione Ravenna eventi


duration: 2 hours
participation fee: € 12 full - € 9 reduced