At the Mic the 61st Faenza Prize

Faenza - Until 01 Nov 2020
Tue-Sun 10-19
At the Mic the 61st Faenza Prize Art&Culture


Museo Internazionale delle Ceramiche - Viale Baccarini 19 - Faenza
Tel. (+39) 0546.697311


The 2020 edition of the Faenza Prize, the most important competition of Contemporary Art Ceramics in the world, promises to be truly international and more and more an indicator of current ceramic creativity.

There were 539 candidates, from 62 different nations, practically a third of sovereign states around the world. Among the most numerous participations there are artists from territories with a strong ceramic vocation and with which MIC has close relationships such as China, France, Japan, Germany, the Netherlands and the United States.

This edition focuses in particular on installation and sculpture. In fact, it saw a surge in the participation of young people under 35: 137, of which only 23 arrived in the final.

402, instead, the participants in the over 35 category, of which 35 were admitted to the competition .

In mid-May the jury (composed of Irene Biolchini, guest curator MIC Faenza; Frédéric Bodet, contemporary art historian; Claudia Casali, director of MIC Faenza; Alberto Salvadori, director of ICA Milan; Judith Schwartz, Professor Emerito New York University; Ranti Tjan, director of EKWC) will meet to select the winners.

On June 19 there will be the award ceremony and the exhibition of the 58 finalist works will be inaugurated until November 1.
{ } A unique opportunity for the public to get a complete picture of the most interesting international artistic researches that currently also work with ceramics.

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Tickets: 14 euros full, 10 euros reduced