The Stork Village, a splendid natural space

Fosso Ghiaia - Until 31 Dec 2020
from 9 to sunset
The Stork Village, a splendid natural space Sport&Nature


Ristorante la Campaza - Via Romea Sud, 395 - Fosso Ghiaia


The Village of Storks in Fosso Ghiaia, reachable from the free parking of the La Campaza restaurant, and from there following a short, pleasant signposted walk, is among the naturalistic attractions that reopen on Monday May 18.
A splendid natural space, equipped to be visited in total ease and freedom by young and old, with the possibility of observing dozens of species of birds and mammals up close.

Inside, free and integrated, hundreds of animals of different species live. First of all the white stork, which gives its name to the village and of which there are dozens of specimens, with the characteristic large round nests that rise to about ten meters high.

But among the birds, it is possible see also numerous other native species: from pink flamingos to shelducks, from white and black swans to gray herons, from wild geese to white and blue peacocks, up to mallards, pheasants, Mantuan hens ...

But there are also mammals: goats, donkeys, dwarf sheep from Ouessant. And then there are the turtles, or some species of non-native but very fascinating animals, such as the alpaca, the ibis or the elegant crowned crane.

In short, a true paradise for those who love animals: and above all for children, who have the opportunity to enjoy a truly new "show", in absolute tranquility and freedom.

The Village is open every day, starting from Monday 18 May, from 9 to sunset. Admission is free.

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