Discovering Conchincollo

06 Jun 2020
Appointment at 15
Discovering Conchincollo Art&Culture



Unpublished itinerary, proposed by Mauro Marino Travel, dedicated to an ancient Ravenna statue: the Hercules Timetable, called by all the Conchincollo. A work that compared to its original position was moved to many points of the city that will be discovered. Of this statue only one leg remains and numerous drawings, but the people of Ravenna have been able to immortalize it in a corner of the city for the profound meanings it represented.

Other statuary works have also been designed and created for specific areas of the city which are then moved elsewhere also for bizarre reasons. In short, a path to debunk the immobility of art and discover some semi-hidden details.

redazione Ravenna eventi


Cost 7 euro per person

Duration of the visit 1h30

Closed-numbered visit in compliance with the current provisions

Reservation obligation indicating the name and surname of each participant and their telephone number at