Quintorigo and Roberto Gatto at Ravenna Jazz

Ravenna - 03 Sep 2020
9.30 pm
Quintorigo and Roberto Gatto at Ravenna Jazz Music


Rocca Brancaleone - Via Rocca Brancaleone - Ravenna
Tel. (+39) 0544.405666


The Quintorigo and Roberto Gatto christened the "Trilogy" project right at Crossroads (2014 edition).

From the original orchestral version, we have moved to a chamber style capable of making the music of Charles Mingus, Jimi Hendrix and Frank Zappa even more scratchy: three immense musicians, excellent instrumentalists and above all visionary authors who have broken the customs of respective genres, from jazz to rock.

With their crossing of bows and saxes with a high electrification rate, Quintorigo are a quartet sui generis. The 'disheveled' approach of the Quintorigo family, who have also dedicated monographic shows of great effect to Mingus, Hendrix and Zappa, is such as to preserve, albeit with new features, the iconoclastic spirit of this repertoire: sciabolate sonorous, instruments pushed beyond their limit, solo lunges and heart-pounding contrapuntal plots.

All this further amplified by the pressing drumming of the most powerful Italian jazz drummer, Roberto Gatto, and by the vocal presence of Alessio Velliscig.

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Admission € 12