Bucolic duo live at Peter Pan

Marina di Ravenna - 29 Jul 2020
9.30 pm
Bucolic duo live at Peter Pan Beach


Bagno Peter Pan - Viale delle Nazioni, 260 - Marina di Ravenna
Tel. (+39 0544.530402


The Bucolic Duo was born in 2005 in Romagna fruit of the minds of Antonio Ramberti and Daniele Maggioli.

The two artists write songs of "avant-garde illogical songwriting" and live always manage to arouse the general hilarity that has allowed them to cover the peninsula with their tours over the years. They have seven albums to their credit, the latest of which is "Random" (Cinedelic Records), released in March 2019.

Their style is deliberately drunk and ironic, the very thoughtful lightness with veins of anarchist anthropology. The concerts are a concentrate of improvisation and freedom, in a continuous search for contact with their audience, very heterogeneous and very fond.

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Free admission