Tartaull and Raimondi to the Fraternity

Ravenna - 29 Jul 2020
Tartaull and Raimondi to the Fraternity Music


Fraternità San Damiano - Via Port’Aurea 15 - Ravenna
Tel. (+39) 338.62156


Poetry is a future weapon, with Gianluigi Tartaull - voice, guitar, cuatro, and Raimondo Raimondi - Guitar, mandola, wichito.

From the Mancuso brothers to Garcia Lorca, from Nicolas Guillen to Victor Jara, from Violeta Parra to Mercedes Sosa, "Poetry is a weapon of the future" follows migratory routes, which many have traveled in search of new lives, possibly more fortunate.

We are not looking for better living conditions, but new companions who share the idea that music and poetry are not a cultural luxury, but, as Gabriel Celaya says, necessary for life like everyday bread.

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Admission € 5