Karen Venturini presents "Melancholy with amazement"

Cervia - 03 Jul 2020
Karen Venturini presents "Melancholy with amazement" Art&Culture


Sala Malva Nord - Via dei Papaveri, 43 - Cervia
Tel. (+39) 0544 979266


The book tells thirty-four stories of women, imagined starting from the {cards with which they were identified inside an asylum, towards the end of the nineteenth century.
They are lightning narratives that make up the text written by Karen
Venturini , daughter of the last director of the Psychiatric Hospital
of the Observation of Imola, former collaborator of Franco Basaglia in the struggle to change the methods of treatment of mental illness.

It will also be possible to watch the event live via streaming via FaceBook by logging on to the
page www.facebook.com/SalaMalvaNord.issa << Presents the evening Cristina Zani Referent for Equal Opportunities of the Municipality of Cervia.
Guest the author of the book Karen Venturini.

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