Feast of autumn flavors in Sarna

Faenza - 18-20 Sep 2020
from 19 on Friday
Feast of autumn flavors in Sarna Food&Festival


Campo sportivo - Sarna - Faenza
Tel. (+39) 0546 43118


Huge indoor stand and parquet in case it rains, so the party will also be in bad weather.

Menu: mixed crostini, tagliatelle with porcini mushrooms, orecchioni with meat sauce / butter and sage, polenta with meat sauce / mushrooms, leg of mutton, grilled salami, peasant tripe, sausage, special stews, grilled chicken, fried potatoes, gratin tomatoes.

And to finish on a sweet note: English soup, marzipan cake, party dessert.

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The food stand opens from Friday at 19 and Sunday will remain open for both lunch and dinner.